Airport Perimeter Security

Proven perimeter protection for airports of every type

Airport perimeter security has traditionally been both a costly and challenging endeavor. Miles of fencing surrounding runways and terminal facilities, as well as unique designs across different airports have forced these facilities to install high numbers of cameras at great expense and put vast infrastructure elements in place to ensure sufficient protection.

Validated by the National Safe Skies Alliance, solutions from evolon make airport perimeter security far more effective and less expensive. Its complete system of edge, near-edge, and cloud-based solutions deliver the highest level of threat detection and classification accuracy, lessen your infrastructure requirements, and ensure advanced protection in challenging conditions that others can’t address.

Get Extensive Range of Performance and Flexibility

Detect and track threats at longer ranges and across wider areas (up to 1 mile or more) – and break through the constraints that other solutions place on camera angles, mount types, locations, and heights.

Dramatically Reduce Your Infrastructure Requirements

With Evolon’s ability to cover more ground, more effectively and with fewer cameras, airports can reduce perimeter security infrastructure to cut implementation time and costs by up to 50+%.

Get Highest Available Detection and Classification Accuracy

Reliably detect threats – even with less than .05% of image resolution – with technology that simultaneously tracks multiple intrusions, analyzes complex scenes, and performs in the most challenging environments.

Airport Perimeter Security – Use Case and Technical Notes

Airports of all types apply evolon to improve perimeter protection and better secure logistics, transport, and other critical areas of airport operations. Their unique designs and individual security requirements can be addressed with Evolon’s complete system of video surveillance solutions:

  • Eagle-i Edge® – Advanced on-edge video content analysis for critical infrastructure and perimeter protection
  • Eagle-i Enterprise™ – The proven near-edge solution trusted by high-value government and commercial sites
  • Eagle-i Verify – Advanced AI-based technology for rapidly identifying, classifying, and verifying security threats

To learn more about airport perimeter security solutions from Evolon:

“Implementing Evolon at the airports we help to secure has enabled us to reduce overall costs significantly for these facilities and provide them with higher levels of surveillance protection than they could ever get before.”

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Evolon – Comprehensively validated by:
National Safe Skies Alliance and Attack Research

Evolon delivers better insights, with less information, faster


of image resolution/ overall picture needed to detect threats

<60 sec.

to identify and respond to threats

Up to 80%

Reduction in false positives from non-Jemez cameras


Reduction in implementation time and costs with less infrastructure requirements