Eagle-i Verify

AI-powered video event verification for Immix central stations

Designed for easy implementation and use, Eagle-i Verify enables Immix customers to dramatically reduce false alarm counts, optimize personnel efficiencies and central station profitability to drive growth.

Classify and Qualify Events Quickly and Accurately

Eagle-i Verify delivers accurate human and vehicle classification with adjustable thresholds from camera video clips. Provide operators with the actionable information they need to prioritize events and act in real-time.

Reduce False Alarm Counts

Eagle-i Verify reduces alarm counts to improve operator engagement, resource allocation, and personnel assignments. Operational and economical efficiencies help you expand service offering and increase recurring revenue streams.

Accelerate central station performance and growth

Native Immix integration provides powerful AI deep learning functionality to existing Immix central station operations without the need for additional operating training.

Solution Summary

Join other leading central stations using Eagle-i Verify to reduce the influx of false and nuisance alarms and regain control of their operator queue. We provide on-premise, in the cloud, or hybrid solutions to work with your specific infrastructure needs and goals.

Eagle-i Verify:

  • Combines deep-learning AI and cutting-edge technologies to exceed human capability
  • Near real-time video event verification to meet SLA requirements
  • Logs both verified and “unverified” events for easy rapid access and review by central station operators
  • Analyzes video clips to identify and classify person or vehicle presence with user-specified confidence scores
  • On-premise, cloud, or hybrid cloud deployment options

“We’re confident that this will be an absolute game-changer for the video monitoring industry. False and nuisance alarms are by far the biggest challenge monitoring providers face and this solution adds that extra layer of intelligence within our platform that can meet that challenge head on and beat it.”

Chris Brown, Vice President, SureView Systems