Eagle-i Edge®

The most advanced edge-based perimeter surveillance solution for Axis cameras

Created for Axis cameras, Eagle-i Edge® is Jemez Technology’s highly advanced, edge-based video content analytic that provides real-time Situational Intelligence™ to operators – helping organizations protect mission-critical sites and essential assets more effectively and ensuring accurate and reliable detection with fewer false alarms. 

Greater Coverage and Higher Situational Awareness

Eagle-i Edge® delivers the widest range of spatial coverage and deployment flexibility, enabling improved situational awareness with fewer cameras and less infrastructure.

Accurate and Reliable Threat Detection and Tracking

Eagle-i Edge® continuously provides real-time, automated Detect-Track-Notify capability, even with complex scenes and in harsh environments.

Embedded Edge Application Deployment

Edge-based architecture reduces heavy network burdens, makes installation easy, and enables optimization for site-specific needs.

Trusted Technology, Proven Perimeter Protection

Diverse environments rely on Eagle-i Edge for real-time situational awareness, unmatched detection accuracy, and extensive range of performance – all while lowering infrastructure demands and operational costs. Eagle-i Edge CS adds real-time event notifications for fixed color or thermal IP cameras, while Eagle-i Edge CP adds continuous tracking of multiple targets with PTZ camera control.

Eagle-i Edge

  • Applies patented algorithms to accurately identify threats and filter out noise
  • Automatically detects hard-to-see events far beyond human capability
  • Supports the full range of Axis camera solutions
  • Deploys easily and quickly to reduce infrastructure costs and burdens
Eagle-i Edge Deployment Options

Why Jemez Technology?


of image resolution/overall picture needed to detect threats

<60 sec.

to identify and respond to threats

Up to 80%

Reduction in false positives from non-Jemez cameras


Reduction in implementation time and costs with less infrastructure requirements