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Eagle-i Enterprise™


 The  Eagle-i Enterprise™ software platform is designed for IP cameras from all major manufacturers. It provides real-time threat detection and tracking, while simultaneously providing the highest degree of situational awareness to first responders.   

Eagle-i Enterprise™ is field proven with over 16 years of successful deployments in both government and commercial environments. 

Eagle-i Edge® for Axis Cameras


The  Eagle-i Edge® intrusion detection software platform is an embedded edge-based ACAP application for Axis IP network cameras.. Eagle-i Edge® is a superior solution for outdoor, 24 x 7 perimeter surveillance  applications — when motion detection, simple trip wire detection, and standard intelligent video analytics will not get the job done. 

Professional Services


 Jemez Technology provides professional design services for integration partners. This includes site design, camera selection, and assessment of overall security strategy.We also have a  world-class network of risk assessment partners to assist you with both physical and cyber security planning. Please contact us for more information. 

How to Buy

Jemez Technology products can be purchased through U.S. and international distributors  Anixter International, CSC Wesco, and Scansource.

More Information

 Contact us to learn how Jemez Technology surveillance solutions can decrease your operating costs, enhance security team effectiveness, and reduce potential for loss due to terrorism, criminal activity, or business disruption. 

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We have an extensive partner network to assist you with security system planning and integration. Please call us to discuss your requirements or for a referral.