Read below what recognized leaders in video surveillance solutions have to say about Jemez Technology.

Jemez delivers 24/7 situational awareness for our customers. Installations we leverage it in demonstrate the power of intelligent security solutions that combine advanced perimeter detection with state-of-the-art thermal cameras. These technologies offer great advantages to law enforcement agencies responsible for managing challenging environments.

— Scott Dunn, Senior Director of Business Development, Axis Communications

Our customers depend on Jemez solutions to keep people and key assets safe—by preventing loss from criminal activity or business downtime… including coverage of large-footprint facilities that are difficult to secure with conventional perimeter technologies.

— Al Perez, President, Ariel Technologies

We’re confident that our partnership with Jemez will be an absolute game-changer for the video monitoring industry. False and nuisance alarms are by far the biggest challenge monitoring providers face and this solution adds that extra layer of intelligence within our platform that can meet that challenge head on and beat it.

— Chris Brown, Vice President, SureView Systems

The integration of Ocularis with Jemez software provides a best-in-class fit for security management stakeholders tasked with securing wide-area, long-range environments.

— Mulli Diamant, Vice President of International Business Development, OnSSI