Jemez Technology Video Surveillance

Video analytic solutions for critical infrastructure protection

About Us

Our Company

Jemez Technology was established by a team of former engineers and scientists from the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). We have applied decades of national security experience to develop the industry's most advanced image processing technology for video surveillance, using camera sensors for real-time threat detection and tracking.    

We are dedicated to our clients, and they benefit from our mission to prevent - rather than simply detect - security threats.  

Protecting Critical Infrastructure

 Jemez Technology provides highly accurate, real-time  video surveillance solutions for critical infrastructure protection. Our scalable, cost-effective software solutions enhance security performance far beyond human capability, with highly accurate object detection, AI object classification, continuous wide-area situational awareness, optional automated PTZ tracking, and easy deployment. 

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Our highly experienced security experts are here to help you design and implement the solution you need to protect your business.  

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  • Security assessments
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Surveillance and Central Monitoring Solutions

Corporate Security


Transform passive, human-monitored security networks into automated real-time surveillance systems with Jemez video analytics software for corporate security. Scalable solutions for SMBs to large, enterprise-level camera networks.

Energy / Utilities


Video analytics that accurately operate in all weather and lighting environments to detect, assess, and/or prevent physical threats at substations, switching stations, and power generation facilities.  Available for color and thermal IR cameras.  

Airports / Transportation


Virtual fencing for airport perimeters, cargo areas, and rail transportation systems with long-range, wide area detection and tracking. Real-time detect-track-notify-identify capability for non-cooperative targets.

Safe Cities


Intelligent video surveillance solutions that enable public agencies, law enforcement, and private sector entities to detect potential threats and improve responsiveness with access to real-time visual alerts and data. 

Central Station Monitoring


Deep learning AI-based video monitoring solutions for Central Station monitoring environments.  Video classification of all incoming alerts improves operator effectiveness by focusing only on actionable activity. Full integration with leading Central Station platforms.

Oil / Gas / Petrochemical


Integrated hardware and software solutions to help ensure  employee health and safety, improve operational efficiency, and safeguard critical assets including: oil pipelines, refineries, well sites, storage yards, and petrochemical facilities.